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In layman's terms Airsoft combat is an action game based on military simulation. Airsoft combat games together is the imaginary element. You are suspending belief for the short time you are playing, immersing yourself in a fictitious situation and playing in character.


Airsoft is so much more than a simple game of "tag" as Paintball tends to be, it is an all-encompassing experience, which constantly evolves and changes. In this respect it is much more akin to the film industry or re-enactment than Paintball or Laser Tag. Airsofters role play simulated situations, knowing in reality they are safe and won't be hurt.


Airsofter is not about winning or about leagues and competitions, it's about suspending belief (to a favourite term from film and TV), 'taking part' and 'having an experience', not to mention the beneficial aspects, teamwork and exercise that are part and parcel of the airsoft experience.

Special Ops Airsoft Junior players are offered an exciting day of airsoft from the age of 10.

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The UK Airsoft Retailers' Association (UKARA) have developed a scheme whereby appropriately vetted game sites are able to verify that individuals qualify to be placed on an independently-hosted database of registered Airsoft skirmishers. Retailers are able to make checks against this database in order to verify the status of a customer before selling to them. SPECIAL OPS AIRSOFT is a UKARA Registered Game Site. To obtain your UKARA you will need to play with us 3 times within three months. More....



Special Ops Airsoft is situated in Hollington Woods. An ancient woodland with over 45 acre of space to play and enjoy. For this reason care must be taken at all times when walking around the woods. Only Biodegradable BB's are allowed on site to help protect this delicate environment, unless you can prove your BB's are biodegradable, they will not be allowed on site.

Hollington Wood is on the private road to Wood Farm/Ekeney House - off the A509 just after the Filgrave/Tyringham turning if you are coming from Emberton. Or just past the Sherington High Street turning if coming from Milton Keynes. The postcode is MK46 5JH. The site is on a private farm road, as you approach the woods you will need to turn left into the carpark. Look out for the Special Ops Airsoft banner

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