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Like X-Box and PS Call of Duty? Aged 10 and over? 

Just put down those Xbox  and PS controllers, grab some friends and guide your parents over to Special Ops Airsoft and we'll do our best to persuade them how airsoft can be great fun in the real world!

What is Airsoft?


Airsoft is the name giving to a type of simulated combat similar to paintball or laser games. Using realistic looking guns that fire plastic BB's, players on opposing sides battle it out in war scenarios, generally out in the countryside or woods.


Special Ops Airsoft, providing the thrill of paintball without the paint. Special Ops Airsoft games are the latest version of 'tag', but with toy guns that fire a 6mm plastic pellet.


You may well have heard of 'paintball' games. Unlike paintball games, the guns used in an airsoft games look remarkably like 'real world' firearms.


They are, of course, NOT firearms.

Special Ops Airsoft Junior, provide an exciting day of airsoft for all from the age of 10. Becoming a member of Special Ops Airsoft Junior is very easy just turn up on any of the open day and play, pay £30 on the Saturday. If you like it and want to become a full member just sign up and play.


The Lost World.jpg

Why choose Special Ops Airsoft Junior?

Special Ops Airsoft Junior, provide an exciting day of airsoft for all from the age of 10. The games are fun and tailored for the younger players.


What we offer.


• High Quality AEG Rifle
• Full Face Mask
• Chest Webbing

• 2000 bio BB's
• Combat Jacket


What is the cost?


The club offers three type of membership which  will be collected by direct debit.


The club will run every two weeks on a Saturday and Sunday.



  • “Basic” membership 6 hours of play every two weeks.

  • “Elite” membership 12 hours of play Saturday's and Sunday's with the senior group.


The price will be as follows:-

Basic, £40.00 per month

Elite, £45.00 per month


All package will include all you need to play for the day.

To take advantage , membership must be paid by DD. 


Special Ops Airsoft Junior is situated in Hollington Woods an ancient woodland with over 45 acre of space to play and enjoy.

For this reason care must be taken at all times when walking around the woods. Only Biodegradable BB's are allowed on site to help protect this delicate environment, unless you can prove your BB's are biodegradable, they will not be allowed on site.


Hollington Wood is on the private road to Wood Farm/Ekeney House - off the A509 just after the Filgrave/Tyham turning if you are coming from Emberton. Or just past the Sherington High Street turning if coming from Milton Keynes. The postcode is MK46 5JH. The site is on a private farm road, as you approach the woods you will need to turn left into the carpark. Look out for the Special Ops Airsoft banner

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