We have sourced a unique site in MK with exclusive use for Special Ops Airsoft.
The extensive 25 acre site at The Lost World Activity Park offers a variety of settings:
- Urban
- Woodland
- Open Expenses
- Perfect Sniper Alleys
- Lots of Hiding Places


The 1st game is on Sunday 14th January 2018. 


  • £60.00 Full Hire, (gun, face protection, combat jacket, 2000 BB's)

  • £45.00 Walk-on Pre-booked - must be paid on line*

  • £40.00 Special Ops Members - must be paid on line*


This is an active park with animals etc. outside, therefore  only Bio BB's are allowed on site, BB's will be available for sale on the day.

Site rules

1. Site gates will open at 7.30am; to gain access to the safe zone:

  • You must show your ticket or pay at the desk.

  • You must sign in and fill in disclaimer.

  • You will be given your team armband and a wrist band which must be worn at all times.

  • You will be taken to the safety zone by staff members. (Safari Tents) 

2. Chrono will open at 8am - please ensure you make yourself ready as soon as possible.

  • All guns must be Chrono and your guns will be tagged. Checks will take place throughout the day.

  • Chrono closes at 9.30am.

3. Gates will close at 09:00am sharp,  please ensure you arrive on time to gain entry.

4. The safe zone is in the middle of the game area, therefore NO magazines in guns until after the main safety brief!!

5. Maximum FPS 350 for AEG 400 for snipers and pistols.

  •  Short burst only.

  • Support weapons 2 sec burst.

6. No shooting at  lights, windows, doors or other items under any circumstances which could affect the running of the  park.

7. Remember this is an active theme park with animals being kept onsite, the buildings and tents are used by families, please respect the site and NO firing at any signs etc.

8. No climbing over, under or through barriers, fencing, bushes or barrier tape.

9. There will be zero tolerance on the day; anyone found breaking rules or arguing with Marshalls will be asked to leave, no refund will be given.

10. Tickets are non-transferable, tickets can only be used by the name on corresponding sign-in sheet; tickets are NON REFUNDABLE.

11. This is the 1st of many events  over the winter months. Please ensure all players observe the rules, be respectful to all.

13.  General public will be on site but not on the playing field.

*Pay the full price or deposit of £20.00 secure your place.

Thanks! Message sent.


Please make full payment or deposit, fill in your details and email once done.

You may also pay by Bank Transfer, details will be sent to you via email.

£20.00 deposit secure your place. Please pay below:

£45.00 full payment. Please pay below: