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You will need to provide us with the following in order to obtain membership:

  • A passport photo

  • An item of photo ID (e.g. passport or driving license)

  • An item of ID showing your name and address (e.g. a utility bill )

  • £10 to cover admin, This is a one off payment for life, as long as we see you 2-3 times a year we will renew your membership.

  • Your UKARA form can be found here:

  • Fill in your details, you will then become a Provisional Player

  • Once you've played 3 games within the allocated time and provide the information needed you will then become a full member of UKARA.


Membership will stay valid on a rolling basis as long as you continue to attend SPECIAL OPS AIRSOFT events regularly. If at any point you fall below three events attended in a twelve month period (which once again cannot all fall within two months) your membership will be revoked. Should your membership be revoked for this or any other reason we are obliged to advise UKARA to remove you from their database as you would no longer be a registered airsoft skirmisher.

If you have any questions regarding the SPECIAL OPS Airsoft membership scheme please contact us.


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