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What is Attack Sense? 

A Tactical Training Revolution

AttackSense is an exciting new electronic target system designed for Airsoft.

Practise your skills and compete with your friends with non-lethal ammunition. The targets are linked wirelessly to the command centre to provide a variety of training simulations and multi-shooter competitions.

The app tracks and analyses your progress and gives you instant feedback; check how many targets you missed, how fast your reaction times were, and see how you improve with each session.


With a wide variety of training scenarios, each round is fully customisable to your own personal ability.

You can compete on your own or go head-to-head with the shooting gallery or duelling tree modes.




  • Great for all ages from 8 Years

  • No Mess Party

  • Full Set Up Included

  • Minimum Garden / Space - 12 Metres 

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